2018 “Lasting Impressions” Gala honors the Gervais Family of Lowell

On Thursday, November 8th, 2018, over 200 friends of the Gervais Family crowded into the main dining room at Stonehedge Hotel and Spa in Tyngsboro. They were there for D’Youville Life & Wellness Community’s 16th annual “Lasting Impressions” Gala, honoring the late Steve Gervais, along with his wife, Maureen Gervais, and their three sons for their involvement in and contributions to deserving organizations in Greater Lowell.

Maureen Gervais, along with her sons, Stephen, Michael and John, accepted D’Youville Bowls as tokens of appreciation for all that the family has done over the past several decades to make Greater Lowell a better place to live and work.

Here are some photos of the event
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Gervais Family

Stephen Gervais delivered a touching statement about his parents’ and the three brothers’ commitment to service to organizations in and around Lowell and in the nearby Nashoba Valley, where some of the family’s businesses are located. He commented that his father, who passed away in 2017, was a humble, self-effacing individual. He had not wanted to have a eulogy at his funeral. “Posthumously is the only way that (his father) would receive this honor,” Stephen said, “as he was loath to be recognized while he was living. He likely would have bought up half of the tables and given the seats away.”

When she was told that she was being honored by D’Youville, Maureen Gervais had asked, “Why me? I don’t do anything anymore.” Ah, but she has done great deal to help others for many years, and we wanted to acknowledge her numerous contributions to the community.

Father Nicolas Sannella, a friend of the Gervais family delivered an opening prayer and his personal comments about the family from his numerous years of knowing them well. D’Youville President and CEO, Naomi Prendergast, spoke about D’Youville and the traditions and meaningfulness of this annual event to the D’Youville community. Attorney Steven Panagiotakos again served as our “Lasting Impressions”’ Master of Ceremonies and provided an informed, sensitive statement about the Gervais family and the important role they have played in local philanthropy for many years.

This year’s “Lasting Impressions” Gala raised $67,000 to support programs that benefit D’Youville’s residents.