D'Youville offers our residents a safe environment with a focus on independence and well-being while in Dementia Special Care in Lowell MA

Dementia Special Care

At D’Youville, our dedication to individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias goes beyond a watchful eye in secure environments – we believe in helping these individuals find fulfillment while maintaining the highest quality of life throughout the middle and late stages of their condition. The Dementia Special Care Unit offers its residents a safe environment with a focus on maximizing independence and well-being. Our team of specialists, nurses, social workers, and Activities Staff exemplifies an interdisciplinary approach to care, which allows residents to enjoy cognitive, recreational, social, and spiritual support at all levels of function. We maintain a robust calendar of activities, many of which are developed to address the particular needs of these residents. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Animal-assisted therapy visits
  • Opportunities for creative and artistic expression
  • Music therapy
  • Religious services, including Mass and Rosary

Our unit is home to a serene yet secure outdoor space – unique among most facilities – where these residents can enjoy the freshness of the outdoors just as they might have done at home, and there is a special sensory room designed to stimulate the mind and soothe agitation. Family members are also an integral component to our care for residents with Alzheimer’s and related dementias. Through various support groups, family members can discuss progress as well as setbacks, all with the help of our dedicated staff. For an updated activities calendar for the Special Care Unit please click here. If you are facing a difficult decision about placement of your loved one, we encourage you to visit us and learn more about how we can help you.  For more information or to set up a tour, please contact Paula Capone, Admissions Director, at (978) 569-1000, ext 2613, or click here to send an email.

Tirabassi and Cochran Awards

The Tirabassi family, very thankful for the care that their loved one received at D’Youville, have established a fund to support five annual awards of $1,000 each for D’Youville employees who either provide direct care or who support that direct care with the work that they do. Click to see the 2022 Tirabassi and Cochran Award winners.

Room Rates

To learn more about options, availability, and rates, or to schedule a tour, please contact Paula Capone, Director of Admissions via phone at 978-569-1000 ext. 2613 or via email at Pcapone@dyouville.org.

D'Youville Senior Care Application

D'Youville Senior Care is a non-profit organization providing an array of health care  services including a traditionall long term nursing facility, specialized dementia units and Hospice care. To download an application, please click here.