The D'Youville Foundation was founded in 2003 to provide"niceties, not just necessities" for our residents.

The D’Youville Foundation

The D’Youville Foundation was founded in 2003 to provide “niceties, not just necessities” for our residents. In 2020, we announced the creation of THE D'YOUVILLE COMMUNITY ENRICHMENT FUND. All net funds raised through sponsorship, corporate donations and individual gifts will help us to firmly establish the D'Youville Community Enrichment Fund for both anticipated and emerging needs of our residents.

In the past we have used funds raised through the foundation to purchase items for our residents such as the D'Youville campus bus. Going forward, our current focus is on providing technology that allows residents to connect with each other and their families. When needs arise, the Community Enrichment Fund will provide a resource to continue to meet the needs of our residents', even if they shift quickly. In 2021, some of the items that we are hoping to purchase include: additional iPads to allow increased connection with families, adding to the EverSound System which allows residents to participate in group activities while socially distanced through the use of a headphone system; adding an EverSound system for family visits to help residents hear family members while socially distanced, and an investment in the iN2L Life Enrichment System, a touchscreen system connecting seniors to the world around them.

Your financial support, and confidence in our care, have never been more important to D'Youville.

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To learn more about giving opportunities, sponsorships and more, please contact Tara Dhar, Director of Philanthropy via email at Donations can be made here or can be mailed to: Tara Dhar, D'Youville Foundation, 981 Varnum Avenue, Lowell, MA 01954. Donate