2019 Tirabassi Memorial and Cochran Family Awards Announced


The 2019 recipients of the five Tirabassi Memorial Awards and the Cochran Family Award were announced on October 15th at a ceremony held in the newly-renovated Country Kitchen and Community Room of D’Youville’s Alzheimer’s and other dementias Special Care Unit


On October 15th*, D’Youville announced the awarding of the 2019 Mary Ann Tirabassi Memorial Awards and of a new award, the Cochran Family Award, recognizing the work of six employees whose exceptional efforts greatly benefited the lives of residents of our Alzheimer’s and other dementias Special Care Unit (SCU).

Both the Tirabassi Awards (established in 2018) and the Cochran Award (2019) are open to D’Youville employees who have worked here full- or part-time for at least one year and whose role either provides direct care to SCU residents (by RNs, LPNs, CNAs) or indirectly supports their care (social services, dining services, laundry, housekeeping and maintenance). Nominations can be made, starting early each September, by either another employee or by an SCU resident’s family member. This year, 21 employees who met these eligibility criteria were nominated, from which six were selected to receive Awards.

Criteria for the selection of Award winners are: consistent demonstration of excellence in performing job responsibilities; demonstrated commitment to D’Youville’s Mission of compassionate care; and examples of how the work the nominee has performed and how he or she has contributed to the enrichment of the lives of SCU residents.

At the Awards ceremony, each nominated employee was individually presented with a Certificate of Nomination or Award, acknowledging the fact that they have met the programs’ criteria. The six Award recipients (five Tirabassi, one Cochran Family) each additionally receive a check for $1,000, provided through the generosity of the the donor families.

* Why is the date, October 15th, significant? October 15, 1701 was the birthdate of Saint Marguerite d’Youville, the “Mother of Universal Charity” and founder of the Sisters of Charity of Montreal (“The Grey Nuns”). She and they were the inspiration for Elisabeth Bruyere’s founding of the Sisters of Charity of Ottawa, the Order that established, staffed and guided healthcare and education institutions in Lowell since 1880. The “s.c.o.” established D’Youville Life & Wellness Community by its original title, “D’Youville Manor,” in 1960.