Affordable Housing with Supportive Services Residence – Fall 2015

Capital Campaign: Welcome to the D’Youville Life & Wellness Community’s Continuum of Caring Capital Campaign

On October 14th, 2014, over 100 community members joined D’Youville as we dedicated the site and announced its name as The Saab Residence. The Saab family gift combined with others has allowed us to reach the $4.3 million mark as of the spring of 2015, keeping us on track to open the 60-apartment Saab Residence in the fall of 2015.

We are pleased to announce that Elisia and Mark Saab have made a generous “naming gift” as part of our $6 million Continuum of Caring Capital Campaign to build and operate a $15 million Affordable Supportive Housing & Assisted Living with Memory Care Residence.

To view our time-lapse video of the Saab Residence construction project, click here.

D’Youville’s approach to Affordable Supportive Housing & Assisted Living with Memory Care is unique in several ways:

  • The Residence and its services are unlike any other senior housing in Greater Lowell and, as far as we know, in the U.S.
  • Half of its 60 apartments are reserved for low- and moderate-income residents as defined by federal guidelines.
  • As a result, if a resident who comes to The Saab Residence with personal assets exhausts this financial base, he or she will be able to stay in the same apartment. This is unlike most assisted living facilities in Massachusetts and other states, where Medicaid or other government subsidies are not available, forcing an individual to move out, usually to a nursing home, if he or she cannot pay a market rate rent.
  • 15 apartments are reserved as assisted living for individuals with early memory loss.
  • 15 apartments are rented at market rate.
  • 15 apartments are for low-income residents and 15 more for moderate-income residents.
  • Residents will be indistinguishable from one another with regard to income. Only D’Youville’s Finance office will know who is paying market rate and who is low- or moderate-income.*
  • The Saab Residence receives no government funding.

*Apartments will be the same size and have the same accommodations, regardless of income level.