Bruyere Duo Knit to Keep Kids Warm

Sheila Lessard and Pauline BeaupreSix years ago, Pauline Beaupre and Sheila Lessard, residents at D’Youville’s Bruyere Gardens Independent Living apartments, began knitting for kids. They estimate they have knitted thousands of mittens, hats and scarves for children in need at various schools across Lowell. Shown here Sheila and Pauline (l-r) stand behind this year’s colorful bounty of knitted mittens and hats that they will personally deliver to Lowell’s Lincoln and Stoklosa schools. “We’ve been doing it for so long and hope to keep it up,” Says Pauline Beaupre. “We could use a hand, though, with donations.” chimes Sheila Lessard. “Specifically, we hope we can encourage people to donate full skeins of yarn to us as our supply is low. This will keep us knitting all year long in preparation for next year.”

For those who are interested in making a donation of full skeins of yarn, you can contact Beth Magliano at 978 569-1000, extension 2581. We thank you in advance for your generosity.